Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beads Designer Exclusive: One to watch Selina Farooqui.

Its been a great month so far for Doha’s young creative minds, first with the May- Desiqn & Qreativity Tweetup, the VCU-Q fashion Graduate Fashion Show as well as Common Thread’s fabulous Trunk show! With all the fashion buzz, I sat down earlier this week to interview a recent, and talented VCU-Q graduate Selina Farooqui.
To bring you a closer view of the young minds of today’s fashion world here is what she had to say. 

1- Tell me a little about yourself and about what fashion means to you?

My name is Selina Farooqui, I’m 23 years old, from India. I have lived in the Middle East my entire life. My love of fashion design originated from a love of arts and crafts as a child. I have always loved creating and making things. So when I had the decision of what I wanted to study in university, my choice was clear, fashion was the perfect path for me. And now, 4 years later, fashion has become my life. My mind is constantly thinking of designs, inspirations, I’m always observing, dreaming, and planning what I will create next. It’s an addictive and exciting process, and I am truly happy being able to do what I love.

 2- What were your main sources of inspiration in designing this collection?

I am inspired a lot by nature, the colors, the different textures and the delicate beauty of it. I’m also inspired by fabrics. My design process in some ways is backwards from the regular process. I love finding unique and interesting fabrics. I let the fabric speak to me and I design based on that. I have built entire collections around a single fabric I have found. I love mixing and matching rich colors and prints with luxurious brocades, jacquards and embroidered pieces. Wherever I travel, I love visiting the local textile markets, its truly a treat for the senses and is very inspiring and I usually end up spending my entire shopping allowance on fabrics!

3- Who and What are your main influences in fashion?

The main influence in my fashion as well as my design taste and aesthetic is rooted in my heritage, where I come from, India, as well as where I was brought up, the Middle East. I find, although these cultures are so different, when blended together, create a really rich, colorful, exotic and luxurious look that I find very beautiful.

4- If you could describe this collection in 3 words what would they be?

Delicately detailed, ultra feminine…that’s 4 words :)

5- What kind of woman/girl do you design for?

I don’t design for a specific woman, but I imagine the person who would wear my clothes has a love for herself, for flaunting her femininity, she is fun, flirty and confident.
6- How would you describe your creativity & style?

I try to use my creativity and style to design clothes that women can actually wear. I love putting all my energy and creativity into each garment, with attention to details and embellishments, making each piece extra special, but also wearable at the same time. I also love creating pieces that are versatile. I think that is key when building a collection. The pieces must be able to stand on their own, and I enjoy the fact that my garments can be mixed and matched with pieces from a woman’s own wardrobe, and can be dressed up or dressed down based on how she styles herself.

7- Do you think fashion in the Middle East has changed? And if yes, then how so?

There is more appreciation for young designers. Women in the region want something new and fresh and unique. That is where my job lies, to provide them with something they can get no where else but here.
8-    Who are some of your favourite designers?
Valentino, Lanvin, Nina Ricci
9-    Whose closet would you like to raid? & Why?

Well that’s a tough question, it may sound funny, but one of my guilty pleasures is watching Gossip Girl, and I must say, I just adore the clothes on that show! Especially the character Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe! Its always very luxurious, feminine, elegant, embellished beautifully, and sophisticated. 

The young designer will be showcasing her latest collection at the W Hotel's E-Wow Suite in Doha next month, so make sure you go down to check out some of these fabulous pieces! Selina Farooqui is also available at Cugini- The Pearl Qatar, for more info visit her facebook page Here.

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