Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fashion Illustrations- NATALIE TAHHAN 'Poor Little Rich Girl'

'Poor Little Rich Girl' is a series of illustrations which challenge the concept of repetition and reflection within today’s contemporary society. The notion of sixties glamour is continuously being recreated, redesigned and reintroduced in fashion. Whether in colour, in silhouette, or simply in inspiration this iconic era has made its way back to the run way several times.

This series of illustrations portrays the current “1960’s” inspired woman in today’s society to convey the fact that we live in an interconnected, time-referenced world, where we can pick and choose the specific aspects with which we want to express ourselves. 

-Natalie Tahhan
All Illustrations by NATALIE TAHHAN
My work is not to be used anywhere without my permission © All Rights Reserved BeadsofBabylon.

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