Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yasmine Al Massri In Toujouri

Images: Aljazi Al-Nasr

I met Yasmine earlier this year while she was in Doha giving a 'Think, Act, Feel' workshop hosted by the Doha Film Institute. 'Think, Act, Feel' was tailored to arab women from all over the region and over 5 days I watched as Yasmine transformed the lives of these women. Teaching them everything from breathing techniques down to details in movement.

Instantly we all fell inlove with her! I can honestly say that every woman walked away from that workshop changed, stronger, better even healthier.

Time went by and Doha Tribeca Film Festival started! Yasmine was back in town showing her new movie "Miral". The week had gone by so quickly and it was already Saturday morning, which was the last day, and I was meeting Yasmine along with the girls for coffee.

So as soon as Yasmine walks in we exchange massive hugs, update each other on life and then she announces that she doesn't have a dress for tonight's red carpet! Now me being a designer I got all excited and suggested Toujouri.

Toujouri is a luxury fashion label based in Qatar, designed by Lama El-Moatassm. I interned with Toujouri while they were working on their Spring/ Summer 2011 Collection so it was really great to see Yasmine walk down the red carpet in Toujouri. I got soo excited at one point I think I yelled at her for not telling me sooner! Haha, all in all! I think she looked amazing! The teal really complimented her skin tone and the silhouette of the dress is just very elegant! And one more thing, I want to thank Aljazi Al- Nasr for these fab pictures! Keep snapping away girl!

Much love,

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